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Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario - Who? Why? What?


Author Topic: Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario - Who? Why? What?  (Read 3479 times)


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Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario - Who? Why? What?
« on: March 17, 2018, 10:02:02 AM »

The Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario was formed by Horse People from the Quarter Horse, Standardbred and Thoroughbred industries to establish a new single unified voice for the Horse People of Ontario of all breeds.


The Alliance believes that the horse people of Ontario need to empower their advocacy and representation with the Government and the racetracks by joining together horse people of all breeds to meet the challenges that are common to all.


Inform the Government of Ontario as to the real industry facts from the perspective of horse people as to the difficulties and uncertainties under which they work;

Ensure that the Government fulfills its obligations toward funding transparency and accountability within the industry;

Empower horse people to be recognized as an essential and necessary element for horse racing equal to the racetracks;

Secure a position of equal importance with the race track in the decisions as to the nature and conditions of racing;

Return to a balanced and fair sharing of the revenues generated or provided to allow for the growth of the Ontario horse population and the incentives to breed, own and train racehorses as once existed.


The Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario will be meeting regularly in the coming weeks and months. See the Events page for the next meeting.